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The Greatest Gift…


On my birthday, I started to think about what I saw God doing in my life and others around me. This one was a no-brainer. I have seen dozens of people in the last 6 to 12 months come to know Jesus in a very real way.  Not religion, where there is a constant craving to improve one’s self  and the need to be recognized as a “good person’, but a man-decreasing, God-exalting relationship.  A relationship where Jesus is seen as more than just a self-help guru, but the beautiful Lord and Savior of those who would just admit that they are not “good” people and want true change in their lives.  I have literally seen dozens of people give their lives to Jesus, and then turn around and share this same news about Jesus with people they meet.  I am witnessing an empowerment of the Holy Spirit that I have not seen in my 6 years of ministry.

I have seen young people, motivated by Jesus, looking after the needs of the homeless in their community.  I have seen them knocking on doors and looking after the spiritual, physical, and emotional welfare of hundreds of people.  I have seen folk set free from homosexuality and drug/alcohol addiction.  I have seen people delivered from the clutches of atheism and agnosticism.  I have seen Jesus remove the shackles of religious pride from people as they begin to live their lives afresh in  His freedom. I have seen men and women released from the power of sin and Satan, as they come to realize that they are deeply and profoundly loved by God.  I believe I am witnessing a revolution and God has just been awesome.  Thank you Jesus, for allowing me to witness this — my faith has been increased.  Let’s go!

P.S.  Thanks to my University of Houston, Rice, HCC, TSU, and  Good Hope  kinfolk.  You guys have made my birthday special.

  1. zach nunn
    October 3, 2009 at 9:00 pm


    Trust that God is using you mightily. I will go out on a small limb and say we love you, and appreciate you greatly for all the things Jesus is doing through you. I pray that you will continue to grow in grace and love.

    Much love,

    Zachary Nunn

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