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Loving the Homeless


The Good Hope Baptist Church Young Adult Ministry, otherwise known as the City, went out as representatives of Jesus to the homeless community.  The people in the ministry are some of God’s greatest servants and I love them for their spirit and hard work.  Here is the testimony of one of the organizers of Loving the Homeless, Shalonda Hurd:

On Saturday, April 25, 2009, The City (Good Hope Young Adult Ministry) hit the streets of downtown Houston to feed the homeless.  We were joined by young adults from Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church & The Fountain of Praise.  In total, about 50 people participated. Through food and monetary donations from the Good Hope family, we were able to distribute 150 sack lunches that day and will be distributing 100 more in June.  Included in each sack lunch was a typed insert, designed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our goal was to feed souls that day, as well as their physical bodies.  We talked and prayed with many of the homeless people we met and attempted to meet other physical needs, when possible.  We believe God was glorified, as multiple people gave their lives to Christ that day.

Though we set out to be a blessing that day, we ending up being blessed in the process.  many of the people we encountered shared stories and experiences that really put life and God’s blessings in perspective.  They had a great spirit of gratitude for the church’s generosity.  Though we provided them with a meal that would feed their mouths for a day, they provided us with an experience that we’ll carry with us for a lifetime.  We all returned to the church that day feeling extremely blessed to have experienced it all and ready for the next go around


Our behavior and our commitment to those that are need is a sure indicator to God about where our hearts are.  Matthew 25:31-46.  Pictures are forthcoming.

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