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Dying to Live Free: Day 4 — Only Jesus Saves


Man, again, I had a great time in bible study looking at Romans 3.  There was a point towards the end that everything just got stone quiet and I think God was dealing with all of us differently.  The Good News of Jesus is that powerful!  Yes, the world is under the wrath of God, but in three power -packed words, Paul helps us to understand exactly what Jesus did for us.

Redemption:  God breaks it down and lets us know that God has wrath stored up for all of humanity.  There is a price to be paid for our sin and God has decreed that price to be death.  (Romans 6:23) But for those who trust him, Jesus redeemed us.  (Romans 3:24) In the Letter to the Romans, to redeem means to buy back from the power of sin and Satan.  Back in the time of American slavery, if a slave wanted his freedom, he would need somebody to redeem him — to buy his freedom.  The death of God’s Son was the price that would buy back our freedom.  Only a sinless man is worthy enough to die, but no one but God is sinless.  Jesus is divinity and humanity in one, and worthy enough to pay the price!

Propitiation: The scripture also tells us Jesus became our propitiation.  (Romans 3:25)  God was angry with the world and with humans and he had anger and wrath stored up against us.  (Romans 1, 2)  A propitiation is a sacrifice that satisfies the wrath of God.  In ancient times, (and even today), some people believed that the gods were angry and that a human sacrifice or propitiation was necessary in order to appease them.  So they would find the appropriate person to throw in the fire.  (Think about the natives in Indiana Jones or The Mummy.)  Well Jesus was our propitiation – our sacrifice that satisfied God’s wrath against humanity.  When Jesus, says, “It is finished,” God was done making Jesus his spiritual punching bag.  The agony and pain he felt on the cross was not only physical, but he felt the psychic burden of the sin and guilt of all humanity for all time.   In his divine fury, God let Jesus have it – FOR US.  So when Jesus assignment was done He says, “It is finished.” (John 19:30).  God literally was holding back a portion of his anger that had been building up from the beginning of time, he saved it and let all out on Jesus.  It was a bad time for Jesus, but a good time for us, for the wrath of God was satisfied.

Justification:  Because Jesus is our redemption and our propitiation, God justifies us. (Romans 3:26)  Justification is a legal declaration from the throne of God that you are “not guilty.”  Isn’t this an awesome thought!  Satan accuses you before God of every sin you commit, but God looks back at you and says to you, “My child, you are not guilty.” In fact, you are a righteous saint and God looks at you just like he looks at His Son Jesus.  God shows himself to be just because he punishes all sin, “big and little” in Jesus Christ and a justifier, because He declares us righteous.   (Romans 3:26).  Said another way, Jesus exchanges places with you and he becomes the guilty and you become the innocent and righteous person that Jesus is.  This substitutionary sacrifice for our sin is made available to anybody who would trust Jesus. (Romans 3:22) ITS FREE! Just believe that He died, buried, and was resurrected for your sins and you shall be saved.  (Romans 10:9).  

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