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Dying to Live Free: Day 3 — God is Mad at Churchfolk Too!


In Romans 2, Paul answered a couple of questions: 


(1) “Am I really that bad?  I do all the right things.”  (vs. 1-16)


Yes you are.  The problem is that good works in the eyes of God don’t make up for our prior bad acts and our sinful thoughts and desires.  Ultimately, they don’t make up for the sin Adam committed. (Romans 5).  Religion will have you twisted into creating your own way into heaven through your good works.  But, religion will you send you to hell quicker than just going buck wild.  Religious folk are guilty of the same thing that people who they would call heathen are guilty of – rejecting God and his grace and depending on themselves for their own salvation.


(2) “I am a Jew (or I go to church), doesn’t that give me favor with God.”   (vs. 17-29)

No.  Going to the church building is good, because you can hear God’s word, if it’s a bible-teaching church.  But hearing the word is not enough, because if our actions are not godly, all hearing His word does is condemn us before God.  Getting baptized or joining a church doesn’t make you right with God either.  You get no special privileges from membership.  Paul just comes out and says that a true Jew is one that is one inwardly – whose heart is right with God.

My prayer is that you see that — regardless of whether you live right, pray, or get baptized — to be forgiven and to be truly righteous in God’s sight you must repent and trust Jesus totally for your salvation.  No good work or religion can save you.

Do you have any interesting or funny churchfolk stories?  Sound off below.


Next week, we will hear the Good News of of the sacrifice of Jesus in Romans 3.  There is depth to his death and its not just that He died on the cross for our sins..  He was our propitiation — our justification — our redemption.  Because of Jesus, God ain’t mad anymore…


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