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Dying to Live Free




“I See Death Around The- Corner, Anyday
trying To Keep It Together, No One Lives Forever Anyway Strugglin And Strivin, My Destiny’s To Die”

Tupac Shakur — “Death Around the Corner”

“My [stuff] is deep, deeper than my grave g
Im ready to die and nobody can save me”

Notorious B.I.G. “Ready to Die”

The great poets, Tupac and Biggie believed that we ought to live free because eventually we are going to die. The great prophet, Paul believed that, we ought to die first in order to live free. Both good perspectives, but who is right?

Join us as we dig in to Paul’s prophetic letter to the Romans for 14 weeks starting in January. 

Bring a bible. Bring a Friend. 

If you don’t have a bible we will give you one. Fair warning: this could be life-changing!

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