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Ramblings of “Trey” Missionaries


Cuney Homes is a massive housing complex – smack in the middle of Historic Third Ward.  A group of us have been visiting from time to time, to share the message of Jesus Christ.  We divided up into a few teams and went to work, knocking on doors, seeing what the physical and spiritual needs of people were. 

My team first encountered some kids and we began to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ.  We were kind of warming up and I was a little self conscious of our team and what we were doing.  I got over it quickly.  Somebody happened to have tracts and bibles in their car to pass out.  We had a great conversation with them and shared the good news.  We planted the seed and continued to move.  Other people asked us to pray; some of them listened to the gospel.  One lady asked for a prayer to be healed.  Another lady asked us to pray for God to give her the strength to stay clean from drugs. 

Amazingly, one of the other teams got invited into a house and was given great hospitality.  The team asked about their physical well-being and then proceeded to share the gospel.  The lady of the house told the team she had never heard the gospel and received Jesus as her Lord right there on the spot.  Seems like God preordained for that meeting to happen.  Praise God…

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