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You Can Thank Him for Whatever you Like!

Man, I haven’t written in a while.  Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up fast.  So often, we pray with the mindset that we deserve the things that we are asking for.  We pray for God to send us good grades, good mates, good cars, good jobs, and good houses.  When we don’t get answers we are frustrated and sometimes angry at God!  This causes us to lose faith and then we stop praying.  Might I suggest that one possible reason that we have negative experiences with prayer is that we start out believing that God owes us these things and we pray with an ungrateful heart.  We look past the things that God does for us daily — such as feed us and keep us from danger.  And we focus our energy on  for the “big things.”

However, the Bible is clear that our goodness is like filthy rags in the eyes of God. (Isaiah 64:6)  We don’t deserve anything but God’s anger being poured out on us.  (Rom. 6:23). In fact, that God has not wiped humanity off the planet for our sinfulness, is a miracle!  Every week, most of us tell at least one lie, however small.  We steal, gossip, hate folk, and worst of all we treat each other in an unloving manner.

Although we fail miserably at God’s standards and deserve death, God in HIS LOVE graciously gives us life through His Son’s sacrifice.  If God does nothing else, we ought to be jumping for joy, because the greatest gift we could have ever been given is life everlasting.  And He gives it to us completely underserved.

This ought to change our prayer life.  Rather than rattle of a Christmas wish list, knowing our utter unworthiness makes you thankful for the little things.  You will begin to thank him for air, water, good friends, good meals, and good memories.  You will smile at the thought of any little thing that went well in your day, because you know that it was a completely undeserved gift from God.  You are not worthy of him doing anything.  You only are blessed with what you have because God chooses to do so!  You will begin to have a joyful attitude, because you realize that he really does LOVE YOU and he displays it to you daily.  Let me end with James 1:17:

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light.

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