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Was he Wright or Wrong?

For Jeremiah Wright to say that “God damn America” was shocking and offensive to many people. It appears that, in America, some Christian folk put America over God. However, If God could punish ancient Israel for their disobedience and wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah for the evil they did, could God not punish America or any other nation for their disobedience?

The heart of the problem is there are people in America who believe that God is on the side of America. Their patriotic fervor is so great that they can’t see past the flag and can’t bear to hear America criticized. But we know from the Word that God is on nobody’s side. (Joshua 5:13-15). Americans are blessed to live in the wealthiest country in the world, not because we are good or work hard, but because of the grace and mercy of God. God gives and he can take away.

God follows nobody. People have a choice to follow God. God stands for himself and we choose to be with him through his Son Jesus or we choose destruction. There is no middle ground and no negotiation.

I agree that the manner in which Rev. Wright delivered his message may be questioned. I also can see how people could take offense to the message. However, if we get to the heart of the matter, God does have judgment reserved for those who do not follow His will and the only escape He has made is through his Son Jesus Christ.

God challenges us to not put our country, our culture, or anything else before Him.

(But, kinfolk, Jeremiah definitely went too far when he threw up the hooks!! (lol) )

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